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Event Painting

Choose from a list of beautiful models to become your canvas, and then watch as our skilled airbrush artists paint your company logo and/or event onto the canvas, making it a masterpiece. Your business will now be the conversation piece for months to come. Skinvertisement uses all natural hypoallergenic paint that is long-lasting and waterproof. For quicker results, we also have non-waterproof paint.

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Beauty Painting

Spice up your typical photo shoot with our Beauty Painting; a seductive mix of fantasy and reality with a sexual twist. Our airbrush artists can paint on lingerie, animal prints, or even transform you into a mystic creature such as a fairy. Let your imagination run wild, and watch as we make it happen before your eyes!

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Special Effects

From zombies to ice queens, prosthetics to bullet holes, our special effects team has no limitations in crafting your character. Whether it is for a film, play, or musical, we will visually bring your character to life.

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Extra Services

Airbrush Art, Photography Body Painting, Videography, Photography, Hair and Makeup, and Print and Design. Whether your event is large or small, Skinvertisement has a team of qualified individuals who will present you with outstanding results. book us now