Airbrush Art, Photography Body Painting, Videography, Photography, Hair and Makeup, and Print and Design. Whether your event is large or small, Skinvertisement has a team of qualified individuals who will present you with outstanding results. .


Advertising is only effective when it catches the viewer's attention. Often, traditional advertising such as billboards, magazines, and online ads get lost in the mix because people tend to ignore the ordinary.

pictureSkinvertisement is exciting and stimulating to the viewer, which encourages your company brand to become the focal point of the occasion. Your company logo or promotion will be creatively airbrushed by our professional airbrush artists onto exotic models for everyone to observe and talk about. Your business not only becomes the centerpiece of the evening, your company gains the exposure and recognition that you have been searching for.

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                                     Photography Body Painting

Spice up your typical photo shoot with our Beauty Painting; a seductive mix of fantasy and reality with a sexual twist.

picture Our airbrush artists can paint on lingerie, animal prints, or even transform you into a mystic creature such as a fairy. Let your imagination run wild, and watch as we make it happen before your eyes!

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                                       Hair & Makup

Our gifted makeup artists work swiftly, applying the shades and colors that bring out each model's best facial features, developing the look you need them to have for your company event.

pictureFrom bold to natural, sultry to seductive, colorful to plain, our makeup artists use their artistic talent to establish the look you want your models to have.

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Hair & Makup Team

Our hair and makeup artists don't just apply makeup to the models; they use their passion and artistic talents to develop an entire theme for each event. Each theme correlates hand-in-hand with the event itself, and the makeup always looks stunning and beautiful.

pictureA minimum of five models is required per event to hire our Hair and Makeup Team. Our team works quickly and efficiently to create the look you want your models to present to the attendees. Whether you hire us for a fashion show, bodybuilder competition, convention, trade show, or club promotion, our Hair and Makeup team knows exactly how to correctly represent the models as well as your company brand.

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                                        Design & Print Work

Skinvertisement has a amazing team of graphic artists that are innovative and constantly breaking the boundaries of the common cliche design. Our artists recognize the beauty of creativity, the grace of colors and contrast, and know how to make you and your product elegant and timeless.

pictureStanding behind our superior quality, fast turnarounds, and price, SKINVERTISEMENT continuously introduces new products and new resources helping our clients get their content to the people. We use only the most up to date software and hardware to fit your needs. We offer just about any type of graphical media from large format printing to your basic every day needs.

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                                          Photograph Your Event

We have the finest high quality photographers to cover your event, portrait, or modeling shoot. Photography services include:

pictureevent coverage, (fashion shows, conventions, club promotions, weddings) portrait photo shoots, modeling photo shoots, photography body painting, and studio photography.

Don't just settle for average. Our photographers raise the bar to present you with exceptional photos that will last a lifetime.


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Video Capture Your Event

pictureOur high definition video production team which specializes in event coverage and business promotional content, is able to create effective and entertaining footage with the highest end equipment all at a reasonable price. With 50+ different types of assignments completed, our professional and efficient service are available to support any of your media needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any ideas you might have.

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